Tanerelle, Mama Saturn

Upbringing and Beginnings

Tanerelle (pronounced tuh-nair-ree-elle) grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, and relocated to Los Angeles at the age of 18 to pursue a singing career. Her first song, "Siren," was released in 2015. "Siren," which has a more uplifting rock/alternative vibe, demonstrates Tanerelle's adaptability and how a voice like hers can be used in a variety of settings.

She released an EP titled "11:11" in 2017. The seven tunes had a similar vibe to "Siren," but they also introduced a new tone that I and many other fans adored.

Tanerelle repeats the sentence "I don't do drugs, I am them" on track 4, "Dali." Her alluring voice over a delayed alternative beat elicits delight in the listener. The subsequent releases would entice me and many others.

My particular favorite is "Dreamgirl," a track released in 2018. The music tells a story of seduction and temptation across a space-traveling production. To put it mildly, the experience is otherworldly.

Music and Art

Tanerelle is an artist who has been able to blend many different genres of music together with ease. Her sound embodies seduction, desire, and space – space as in outer space.

Her music is like a journey through space and seduction, with an added element of dance. Her sound includes elements from rock 'n' roll to electronica as well as more traditional R&B roots, and it can be difficult at times for listeners not familiarized only with these genres, but they will find themselves easily captivated by Tanerelle's unique style.

Often referring to herself as "Mama Saturn," which was also the title of one of her earliest songs, this independent artist is surely the queen of aesthetics in every way possible. Just looking at her Instagram, you can see that, unlike other celebrities' social outreach, hers is nothing but a wide and big series of different photoshoots that are often intensified with intergalactic overtones, leaving many of us infatuated.

What is Next?

Tanerelle releases a few singles a year, just enough to satisfy her admirers while keeping them wanting more. We appreciate the newfound attention she is receiving as we wait for another EP or even a first album.

Tanerelle's talent reached new heights in 2020. Prior to the pandemic and quarantine, the indie artist began the year by going on tour, opening for Ari Lennox in Australia and New Zealand for the first time. Her 2020 single "Nothing Without You" was featured on HBO's Insecure season 3 soundtrack and was also nominated for a Grammy in 2021.

She was also named Playboy's December 2020 Playmate, becoming the 40th African-American Playmate in the company's history. Finally, during the course of the year, she received approximately 9 million Spotify streams.

Tanerelle, as an artist just breaking into the mainstream, is about to rock the globe, and I, like the rest of her followers, can't wait. Mama Saturn is on her way.

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