Still Over It by Summer Walker

Summer Walker’s latest album is one of the most relatable stories in R&B, with an ear for melodrama that becomes monotonous. The best moments capture her soulfulness alongside rage and anger but also fury and sadness!

Listen to Summer Walker’s Still Over It music for the shades of emotions that only Real Housewives can deliver. Her songs are as shady and chaotic—but also enough so you won't want them any other way!

Yet beneath all this drama lies vulnerability wrapped up in catchy hooks with meaningful lyrics about love lost or found again, like it was meant for her alone, which makes even more sense considering how great she is at telling stories through sound waves.! Her music is as shady, and it is as chaotic as it gets.

The Journey

Still Over It charts the emotional journey through a messy and complicated breakup. Walker wants you to know that she's singing about her ex-boyfriend, noted Atlanta producer London on da Track, who also appears as a character in some songs off of this album; so, he’s got more than just production credit.

The depth of her sadness is felt in every word she writes. Her lyrics are filled with emotions that range from anger to love, but it's when they describe the pain most closely associated with a pregnancy spent alone in isolation, which really showcases how powerful this album can be based on such a mighty struggle.

Turbulent Narratives, and Sometimes No Dimensions

The album's narrative feels true-to-life, but as it approaches more tracks, Walker struggles to find new angles that are equally compelling. On the Neptunes produced "Dat Right There," she reemphasizes her sexual prowess, and bragging about stealing other women's boyfriends seems like a boast coming after so much heartbreak.

The troublesome feel of this music video speaks volumes in regards to how far she has come since releasing her first single back then. Walker's soulfulness and Lennox's anger shine through on Still Over It, with the duo trading vocals in a captivating way to create one of her strongest R&B songs, ‘Unloyal.'

Sheer Resilience and Pursuit of Love

A relatively revelatory divulging set to somber 808s and melancholic guitars, Still Over It is both a perfect display of resilience, yet with an acknowledgment of the inherent imperfections that comes in the pursuit of love. Still Over It is a very powerful and strong album. Even in the face of the asinine “Ciara’s Prayer,” the album has the power to shine, and it does so with perfection. Summer simultaneously expands the themes and stories of Over It through way more mature lyricism and an extensively vulnerable and frank approach to her music and art.

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