FKJ live is just too good

Inside the depths of Musée d'Art Moderne, the concert venue was small but sold-out, and the performance by FKJ was no less than a blessing.

Seeing this performance live would have surely felt incredible, as he combined, looped, and edited each piece live, giving us the feeling that we were all part of one giant musical jam that we could still dance to and be inspired by.

FKJ elevated the DJ concept at La Fée Electricité by assuming the role of guru. His voice demonstrates that the lighter you feel, the harder you push yourself. In addition, his ability to blend sight, feel, and sound thoroughly enthralled the French audience.

Yes, DJs rely heavily on sounds and lights, but what sets FKJ apart is how he employs both like an ambiance masseuse. It's as if you've entered his good spa, where you may choose which frequency will calm your body and allow you to dance like no one's watching. Few DJs blend their music with a sense of calm and relaxation.

Perfection in Instrumental Shifting

While he, like everyone else, seeks escapism and excitement, French Kiwi Juice (FKJ) recognizes that in order to get hyped, you must first feel good. As a result, he shifts from saxophone to guitars to an electric organ and what seemed like a hundred more instruments to remind you that instruments are more than simply means for expression; they are emotional sonic choices.

Furthermore, his DIY technique and the set felt like a live lecture on how to construct a solid beat, and he could have easily halted the event to deliver a Ted Talk on how to create richer rhythms. As usual, he was constructing music as if it were a feast prepared by a master chef.

FKJ is a musician and singer as well as a DJ, with perfection in all of them, but it is why he struggles to fit into the latter role. That is, however, to his advantage as a performer, and why he does not only make hits as much as "your song," the one you demand to be played when going to the store with your roommates.

Vibin' Out – Always High on Demand

Thankfully, the performance included the "Vibin' Out [feat. (((O)))], as this is a piece that has the ability to take the tempo up and down at will. This song incorporates laid-back synths and, as far as we can tell, is the only one that includes strings in the mix.

As he moves from one track to the next, the show quickly transforms into a mesmerizing sensory experience, a delight for both the ears and the eyes. FKJ's claim to be a multi-instrumentalist is unmistakable. He alternates between the keys and the saxophone throughout the evening, demonstrating his versatility and leaving us curious about what else he has to offer!

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